Knowing but not being fully aware.

“We know but we are not fully aware” We are all human, we are emphatic by nature. We are so complex and intelligent in everything we do. Capacity and competence is something a lot of us pride ourselves in. Having the understanding of the people around us, the surroundings and the environment. The world and how it works, how it spins. We are so advanced in our knowledge of the life were all given. Some of it unexplainable such as conscience and intuition. It has such power even if we don’t acknowledge it often or fob it off as luck. Intuition can protect and shield from the possible dangers but it can also make us aware in ways that can only be explained by the phrase ” I just knew ” or ” our gut instincts ” .. Both capable of inner torture within and at times with no evidence to back up that I just know feeling.  
I don’t think I will ever look back and be regretful or penitent for those times that I just knew. I just knew one day I’d manage to persuade my dad to buy me a pony even though for five years he’d been jokingly brushing it off. The point is I still knew. I just knew upon meeting you on that courtyard that we’d be friends a very long time. I knew people’s expectations of me , but I knew what I was capable of and which road to take. Life can be summed up with the metaphor of the yin yang {☯}. There is good and there is bad. The world is made up with that. Good people do bad things while many that do bad things do good also. I knew by the way someone walked into the room something was wrong. You can hear anger in the calmest of voices, while you know there is sadness within the bubbly comedian who lights up the room with their jokes. We are such vigilant creatures. We just know. There is a lot to be said for reading between the lines. 
We all have experienced the frenzy in our chest, the trembling bodies as we try to register or grasp what we are experiencing. 
” To know but not be fully aware” 
We know that we are all life on this earth but we are not fully aware of how it all came about. We all respond differently to our environments. We all have our own set of beliefs. We all have an individual voice of opinion and a variety of views. We’re all made up of the same but we’re all different in our own way. We each make up society as a whole. We are all impacted by death, grief , physically illness , mental illness , disabilities, poverty , famine, homelessness and war. Man made disasters and nuclear disasters. We all want to change what happens in this world . Self doubt questions us. Inadequacy and helplessness weighs us down. 

“How could my voice even be heard ? How could I even have the power to change anything ? ”
Let me tell you have the power simply by being you and by being alive l. We all have the power. Maybe not alone but together.
Let’s take hunger for example. Everyone can relate to it. As living things we need to eat. We won’t survive if we don’t. Every person in this world has felt hunger. Now try to imagine the helplessness we are all feeling and expressing in different ways right now. Try to imagine what it’s like with the constant feeling of insignificance . That no matter what you can do it won’t help. It can’t change anything. 
If everyone felt the hopelessness and worthlessness like they felt hunger would the world remain the same ? If we all as individuals made the decision to end our lives would we still have a society ? No. We would have completely wiped ourselves out. Not by war or disasters but because I made a decision, you made a decision. Every one made their own decision but it was the same decision. Obviously that will not happen but if you think about it you see how it could.
We all play a huge part in this world. There is always a consequence to an action , a decision and a choice.
“We all know but we’re not fully aware of just how much” 
We all ponder at times the thought of changing the world. Being a leader. Helping people. Saving everyone. Making a difference but we never really stop to think we could do this by simply changing something in ourselves. Be it attitude , perspectives , beliefs , thoughts , confidence and actions. 
One person trying to change the world alone is outnumbered but if everyone was to make the decision to try bring out a change in themselves.. Well then you know yourself 

Together the world could change.


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